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Tenant screening is not a process many renters enjoy. You’re required to give your personal information, such as account numbers, to a perfect stranger (landlord). The landlord then uses a tenant screening service to run a criminal and credit check — which could potentially impact your credit score.


Luckily, with SmartMove, you can protect your personal information and your credit score. Through a secure, online process, you enter your personal information into SmartMove’s system which then generates and delivers the screening reports to the landlord. SmartMove doesn’t share your bank account numbers with the landlord.  Not only does this process keep your personal information private, it also has no impact on your credit score — and who doesn’t want that?  

You don’t have to worry about your credit score being affected.  Because SmartMove prompts you to initiate the request yourself, the credit check is considered a “soft hit” on your credit history—and doesn’t impact your credit in any way.


Protect your personal information with TransUnion SmartMove’s Tenant Screening Services

Key Points:

  • No impact to your credit score

  • The screening process is fast

  • Protect sensitive information

  • Complete everything securely online

How SmartMove Works


emails screening request to applicant.



authorizes screening by providing personal info online



gives landlord credit, criminal, Income Insights and eviction reports —and leasing recommendation

TransUnion SmartMove More Information Here

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